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Terrace Sport Fishing Charters and Prince Rupert Ocean Charters


Our operations are situated in the middle of North America’s best wild Steelhead rivers and some of the most prolific salmon waters on the planet. Record-breaking runs of all five species of wild salmon and Steelhead return to our watersheds, giving us salmon angling for nine months, and spring and fall steelhead runs that round out the fishing calendar.

Fresh Water River Fishing

Skeena River close to Prince Rupert double header fishing with your river guide captain and his over qualified creq We are based in Terrace, British Columbia, on the Skeena River in the Coast Range Mountains. From here, we offer remarkable freshwater salmon and Steelhead fishing on the Skeena, Nass and Kitimat Rivers and more than two dozen tributaries. We can also provide exclusive heli-fishing trips into the backcountry.

Salt Water Ocean Fishing Prince Rupert

Terrace fishing with Jaron Janas experienced river guide also guides in Prince Rupert for Salmon and HalibutOur close proximity to the Hecate Strait and Douglas Channel gives us easy access to exceptional salt water fishing opportunities. Our Prince Rupert salt water fishing has some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the world. Come and experiance a salt water ocean fishing trip of a lifetime. Salt Water Fishing

Daily rates for each type of charter are described in our Rates & Packages section. Here, you can tailor a trip to satisfy your particular fishing tastes, and in addition to our standard charter packages, you may choose to add on other services to enhance your trip.

About Terrace Sport Charters


Our aim is to provide you with a memorable and satisfying fishing experience. Terrace Sport Fishing uses quality guides and partner with select suppliers to delivers you a world class fishing experience. Your party will be equipped with only top of the line gear, and fish with the best quality boats. We take great pride in the fishing experience we offer. The products and rates described in the Rates & Packages section can be expanded and grouped for an outstanding combination freshwater and salt water experience.

About The Skeena River

The incredible skeena river, Fishing Charters finest source for river salmon and steelhead in the world

The Skeena River is British Columbia’s second longest river and second most important salmon producer, and one of the longest un-damed rivers in the world. It flows fast and cold, and all five species of Wild Salmon, and Steelhead, return to spawn in the river and its dozens of tributaries. More than five million spawning salmon return each year, including Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, Sockeye and Steelhead.

Starting high in the mountains, south of the Spatsizi Plateau, the Skeena flows 354 miles (570 km) to empty into the Pacific Ocean. With extreme spring run-off, the river changes each year. There are many great gravel bars and drop-offs, as well as many slow, deep pools. With its cold, swift current come big, healthy fish: world record Chinook, giant Northern Coho and the largest Steelhead runs in the world. More information on the Skeena River